• Air conditioning is our life line in extreme weather conditions
  • Keep your AC always in top shape
  • We specialize in all types of AC maintenance – Both Commercial and Residential
  • Can supply and install new AC as per your requirement
  • Insulation Works to chilled water pipe line
  • AC refrigerant recharging
  • AC Coil Cleaning

Fix Up AC Hiccups & Get High-Quality AC Service from The Home Team

Is your AC not cooling your home? Has the thermostat broken or is the fan making strange noises? Undoubtedly, if your AC fails to work properly, it is the worst thing that can happen on a sultry day in Dubai where the temperature soars as high as 45 degrees Celsius and more. At, The Home Team, #1 in maintenance services in Dubai, we take it as our mission to handle all types of AC issues fast as well as in a professional way.

We come up with customized, doorstep AC service both for domestic and commercial spaces so as to ensure the AC units of our customers are working optimally throughout the year. Our licensed and skilled technicians focus not only on the cooling function of the air conditioner but also on the indoor air quality and also the overall efficiency of the units. We strive to let your air conditioner up as well as run efficiently after our visit to your house. We use only genuine parts and safe procedure for AC fixing in Dubai.

Excellent AC Maintenance at Competitive Price

The Home Team has the proven record to offer first-rate AC repair and maintenance solutions at the most affordable price. With the aim to minimize energy use as well as cost, we specialize in offering environment-friendly solutions thereby curtailing cooling usage as much as possible and even lowering carbon footprint.

All-inclusive & efficient Air Conditioner Maintenance in Dubai

Regular air conditioner maintenance keeps AC units in the best condition, helps to detect potential issues early and also prevents causing bigger inconveniences and repair expenses. Our experts meticulously examine your AC unit and also identify the exact cause of the problem so as to determine the best possible solution.

  • Comprehensive Air Conditioner Maintenance & Repairs
  • Safe Process & Original Parts Used
  • Experienced & Well-trained Technicians
  • Customized Doorstep Service
  • Excellent Customer Support

Avail AC service from The Home Team.

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