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Best AC Duct Cleaning from The Home Team That You Can See & Also Feel!

If you live in Dubai known for its hot weather, you are well-aware that maximum indoor time spent is in the comfort of your AC room or office. However, with dust and pollutants blowing around this area, these particles will surely find its way to your space.
For example, due to rampant use of AC, in just two to three months, the air conditioner’s evaporator coil may be filled up with dirt. Because coils are moist due to condensation, some dirt particles also stick to the fins and also get accumulated to clog the AC ducts. This will cause the growth of molds and other dangerous bacteria.
Any company that sends technicians with ordinary brushes and vacuums will not be able to do the best job. We have licensed trained professionals specialized for AC duct cleaning in Dubai, so enquire now

Skilled professionals using advanced cleaning techniques

Well-trained professionals equipped with state-of-the-art duct cleaning tools perform the absolute no-nonsense task of AC duct cleaning. Only original chemicals and safe processes are employed to avoid all types of hazards involved in the process.

Customized service at affordable rates

We employ our efficient team of professionals who work together to clean as well as disinfect the entire system, right from evaporator coils, drainage trays to duct pipes. In other words, we come up with bespoke AC duct cleaning solutions that also fit your bill.

Doorstep service in your preferred slot

We value your time and therefore, our professionals reach your house or office at your convenient slot to complete the cleaning task flawlessly.

Perfect for Domestic & Commercial Buildings

As a leading maintenance company in Dubai, The Home Team caters to the needs of both corporate as well as residential customers. Take AC duct cleaning experience to a new high with our skilled professionals, advanced technology and also excellent customer support.

Get in touch with The Home Team and keep your AC Ducts dirt-free!

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